Katie has perfect hands, they were created to be the hands of a massage therapist. Her neck and shoulder work sooths away tension and encourages healing along life’s path.-Kimberly Cole

samI have suffered from migraines since I was 14 years old.  My physical therapist recommended that I try massage therapy.  Doctors had placed my on around 30 different medications which I took daily.  My migraines were affecting my ability to attend school.  After seeing Katie for massage I was able to discontinue all my medications. Katie has improved my life for the better! -Samantha Farr




Having received massages over the years by various massage therapists, I can honestly say that Katie is, by far, the most skilled and talented. She consistently demonstrates this by assessing the problem areas and focusing on them, as well as, the overall treatment. Katie’s pricing is more then fair and she is always flexible to accommodate my scheduling needs.  -Sharon Nielson

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