The Great Escape Professional Massage

water rockAt the Great Escape Professional Massage

The Great Escape Professional Massage is located in the Orem Sport Medicine Center.  You can get both your massage needs as well as any physical therapy needs you may have all in one location.

We have what you are looking for.  Everyone gets a little stressed, and needs to take time to RELAX!  Whether you are working a 8 to 5 job, staying home raising the kids, an athlete, or a student, you need to take time to better yourself.  Once you are able to relax you will be able to maintain better focus and take care of all the other important things in your life.

It may seem like a massage would be frivolous but when you take a minute and see all the benefits that massage can add to your life then you will realize that you NEED to take the time for yourself!

First of all massage will help your muscles relax, as well as increase your circulations and in return increase the ability to focus and use your mind more efficiently.

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