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Swedish Massage

A classic form of massage designed to ease muscle aches, tension and release the stresses from everyday life, while increasing circulation, helping remove toxins and improve muscle tone.  Swedish massage is a full body massage that is both relaxing and therapeutic.

30 mins – – – – -$25.00

50 mins- – – – – $50.00

90 mins- – – – – $80.00

Pregnancy Massage

This massage is performed with both Mom and baby in mind.  Gentle and relaxing techniques are used to help relieve low back and join pain, increase circulation to reduce swelling in order to help bring much needed rest and relaxation for the expectant Mom.

50 mins- – – – – $75.00

30 mins- – – – -$55.00

Sports Massage

Perfect for the weekend warrior sports massage can help to relieve and precent muscle cramping, pain and joint soreness that can result from over exertion or intensive exercise, while helping you to obtain or maintain your individual peak performance.

50mins.- – – – $80.00

30mins.- – – -$60.00

Deep Tissue Massage

A full body massage utilizing firmer, deeper strokes to relieve tension and muscle soreness while increasing flexibility and movement.  Following this massage, please be aware that you may experience some soreness the next day!

Full session $85.00

Half Session $60.00